Got Work?

I got fired from my job today. I feel more relieved than mad. They gave me my last check, I start a new job on Friday and it pays $1 more, so all these factors make me not really care. I’m going to start a new adventure and it involves leaving for Portland early. As […]


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Hard Decisions

Internet is up and running. I can have the firm grip on my finances like I did before, only this time things will be cheaper. In this move I lowered my rent, insurance and utility bills. I found a second job, too. I’m waiting on my background check to go through. I’ll probably have a […]

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I moved into my new room. The family is so nice and warm. The kids are a riot it’s going to be fun living here. I want to spend some time learning Spanish, I really think it’ll help me when I move. I have to make sure I tell them I’m moving back to Oregon […]

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Meeting goals

Step one of plan will be underway tomorrow. I start a new adventure and hopefully things will start moving a little faster. I know I should stay in the moment and enjoy every second of it but I can’t wait to see where I am a year from now. Hopefully back in Portland, this time […]

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I hate always being sad. I want to smoke because I feel better. As soon as I stop the sadness comes back so clearly marijuana isn’t curing anything just helping me ignore the sadness. Where is it coming from? I’m seeking another therapist, my last one sucked ass. I hate feeling this way and I […]

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January Goals

First and foremost, I need to pack up my things. I also need to shred all the sensitive papers I have and get rid of the clutter that follows me around. I want to start fresh at Luc’s house. Whatever I bring there will be permanent, I’m not getting rid of things as easily anymore […]

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What A Year

2017 was an odd year. I spent most of it trying to figure myself out and I think I really did that. I know what kind of woman I am now and I’m ready for 2018. I’m making it a fantastic year for myself and I will get shit done. I just have to stay […]

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My Race is Human

I want to be apart of the solution. I’m going to stop getting angry when I’m asked what my race. I’m going to call on everyone to take this question and answer it correctly. My race is human, same as everyone else. The ideas we have been told about what race is has kept us […]

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Why I Love the Stars

No I’m not a talking about celebrities. I’m referring to the celestial bodies we see in our night sky. We are made from them after all. I could never get behind a religion and I tried, maybe not as hard as I should have, but most of them just seemed to be missing something. I […]

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