Gotta get a job before rent is due

I just got fired for the second time in my life. I don’t know what is wrong with me and why I can’t keep a job but I need to fix it. I’m five months pregnant I need to get a job asap. I’m going to attempt Sprouts and any other bakery I can find. I just feel miserable, I’m such a failure I want to stay positive but I can’t. I didn’t do anything today, I knew they were going to fire me. Looking back I wasn’t that hard of a worker, I didn’t want to learn anything outside of the pastry, even though they didn’t say that was why I know it was. They said it was the production but I was always on top of production and Gladys doesn’t even know the production. I have to forget about being upset and just focus on getting a new job. First thing I need to do is work on my resume and print it out. I have a week to get a new job before it seriously hurts us. I felt this coming, it was a strong feeling that I didn’t have a paycheck to depend on. I have to spend the rest of today finding a new job. This has never happened to me. The last time I got fired I already had another job. I started the next day. It was tricky because I was starting at part-time. There’s a job I found around the corner I’m going to try there first. Then I’m reapplying to panera. I’d love an overnight job and the next job is going to get the old E because I haven’t been the best I can be I let my emotions completely takeover at work. I’ll do better I have no choice.


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