I think I found my passion. It is going to take all my energy to make it happen but I have a new partner and I know I can do this now. He has goals and I want him to believe he can fulfill them. So I’m make 2019 my most ambitious year so I can make my boyfriend just as passionate as I am. I need him to believe we can overcome and dominate together. His goal for next year is to go back to school and mine is to improve my credit score.

There’s something else I want to accomplish next year. I want to have my first video animation posted to youtube by the end of next year. I want to spend the whole year working on my first video and it’s going to be all about nubies and credit. I know this is my passion and I’m going to give this all I got while I’m waiting on my credit in-between months.

I’m going to keep these two things as my goals while I assist my bf in anyway I can. I need to always remember his goals are not my goals, I need to always keep my deadlines in mind, especially if he isn’t giving it enough. Also, always stay positive.


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