I met someone. He’s really sweet and dorky. He’s got beautiful blue eyes and a warm smile. Which is nice because when I met him he gave a weird awkward smile. It’s nice being excited.

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Now What?

I can’t change the moments of my past, I can only manipulate the ones coming at me to design a future I’m happy to live in. Lost my job, and I haven’t really started the next one. I’m more than a little stressed. I finally thought my finances would be situated but I ran into […]

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Got Work?

I got fired from my job today. I feel more relieved than mad. They gave me my last check, I start a new job on Friday and it pays $1 more, so all these factors make me not really care. I’m going to start a new adventure and it involves leaving for Portland early. As […]

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Hard Decisions

Internet is up and running. I can have the firm grip on my finances like I did before, only this time things will be cheaper. In this move I lowered my rent, insurance and utility bills. I found a second job, too. I’m waiting on my background check to go through. I’ll probably have a […]

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