I think I found my passion. It is going to take all my energy to make it happen but I have a new partner and I know I can do this now. He has goals and I want him to believe he can fulfill them. So I’m make 2019 my most ambitious year so I […]

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Dear Diary

This is why having a boyfriend helps because being in a relationship distracts me from all the stress of life so I can push through it still smiling. I’m starting to think there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be alone and single. I spent a lot of time getting to know myself and I’ve […]


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Big picture

I think it’s so weird that I’d prefer to talk to people in my head than in real life. I have control over what they say and what I say. If I mess up I can change the scene and try again. It’s perfect conversations every time and it’s not like that in real life. […]

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April Showers

It’s now the 4th month of the year and I think it’s time to see how I’m doing with my plan and any changes that need to happen. Original Plan January- Move and get comfortable as cheaply as you can February- Find better job. March- All bills on auto-pay April- Save Save Save May- Send […]

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Change in the plan

I wanted to leave Las Vegas this summer. I wanted to use my tax return to move back to Portland or maybe even pay some bills. Unfortunately, losing my job changed that; my return paid my March and April bills. That helped give me time to find a new job. My self-esteem is a little […]

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I met someone. He’s really sweet and dorky. He’s got beautiful blue eyes and a warm smile. Which is nice because when I met him he gave a weird awkward smile. It’s nice being excited.

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Now What?

I can’t change the moments of my past, I can only manipulate the ones coming at me to design a future I’m happy to live in. Lost my job, and I haven’t really started the next one. I’m more than a little stressed. I finally thought my finances would be situated but I ran into […]

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